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We can facilitate securitisation across a number of sectors and activities

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Find out how we can develop securities linked to underlying assets.

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Set your SPV

Find out how you can set your SPV under the Creatrust Securitisation Platform

Securitisation in Luxembourg: How it works

Securitisation is the conversion of an asset, a risk, a future cash flow, into marketable securities, typically for the purpose of raising fund, creating liquidity, or transferring a risk by selling the securities to external investors.

The Securitisation SPV can be used in multiple sectors and for a range of asset classes and issue many type of tailored-made financial securities.

The Owner of the asset (originator) may create liquidity by selling the future cash flow to an SPV (linked benefit). The investor will find enhance yield linked to the underlying asset (linked to benefits).

Find out how the Securitisation works step by step

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